Blood Orange

Grande Halle de la Villette,
Thursday 31st October 2013

Blood Orange is the new alias for a 27 year old Englishman by the name of Devonté Hynes, who has cultivated his incognito status with a strong taste for excessive disguises. He has been a dirty punk in Test Icicles, a producer for Florence & The Machines or Solange, and under his more pop and eccentric alias, Lightspeed Champion… In 2009, he decided to concentrate, and successfully at that, on his new pseudonym, Blood Orange, his most electronic outfit to date. Half lascivious indie funk, half minimalist synth pop, Blood Orange’s first album, Costal Grooves, was released in 2011. On stage, he will be unveiling his next album. Knowing his taste for punk and funk, this show should not leave the audience hanging.