Fatima Al Qadiri

After Party,
Friday 31st October 2014

Praised female producers are too few in the world of electronic music, especially ones with such a fascinating story as Fatima Al Qadiri. Though she now lives in New York City, after time passed in London or Senegal, Fatima originally hails from Kuwait where her parents were part of the resistance to Saddam Hussein during his invasion. On her EP Desert Strike, she was inspired by the video game of the same that takes you through Operation Desert Storm, a military operation that she had lived through in her own country. From an early age, she was fascinated by the titbits of Western culture that she could access, and now makes music that, though inspired by many countries, is strangely stateless. On her first album, Asiatisch, released this year on Hyperdub (Burial, Kode9), she describes her imaginary idea of China, blending hip-hop, oriental sounds, and cold and violent urbanity. This strange and exotic experience translates to a rare and deeply moving performance.