Future Islands

Grande Halle de la Villette,
Friday 31st October 2014—2014-10-15 20:30
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The three members of this American Indie-rock band are no newcomers, but why then did they have to wait for 2014 to finally get the recognition they deserve? It seems that a number of shining stars have finally bestowed their blessings upon them: a contract with the prestigious record label 4AD; a fourth album, “Singles”, filled to the brim with stadium hits; American TV’s sudden fascination with their faces; and above all, an unequalled reputation for excellent live shows. Coachella, SXSW, or the Trabendo are only some of the places where Future Islands have left an unforgettable testament to their showmanship. Thanks mainly to their charismatic leader, Samuel T Herring, with his 90’s square dad look, amazing energy, and fascinating dance moves. No one today has that much energy on stage. You will feel it at the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, if the Grande Hall can survive the concert!