Glass Candy

Grande Halle de la Villette,
Saturday 2nd November 2013

For his return to the festival, a new disguise might make him hard to spot.
Johnny Jewel, head of the American label Italians Do It Better, and producer/musician with Chromatics (last year’s concert at the festival was unforgettable!), comes back this year as Glass Candy. Ever since his work chaperoning the Drive soundtrack, he has gained such stature that there was no way we could go without him. With this band, Jewel unleashes his italo-disco past through a dark electro filter, with the help of his delicious partner in crime, the singer Ida No. Glass Candy’s live performances are known to be hard, fast, and furiously erotic. Their tracks, like nocturnal fantasies, should make the metal arches of la Villette sigh a wind of sensuality.