James Blake

Grande Halle de la Villette,
Thursday 30th October 2014—2014-10-15 23:20
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Two years ago, James Blake delivered one of the greatest concerts of the Paris Pitchfork Music Festival’s second edition. The Grande Halle de la Villette still trembles and our ears still thrums from the bass waves that flooded the venue, and we are stirred by the memory of the poignant intermission when the young Londoner interrupted his electronic set with a crystal-clear piano cover of Joni Mitchell. Two years later, and an ever-growing James releases a second album, practically perfect in every way. But James Blake has even more news for us, tracks from his next album, in the works for next year, an album for which he has hopes of inviting Kanye West and Bon Iver! Time to see if the man whom all rappers want (from Kanye to Chance the Rapper, his new flat-mate in L.A.) has want of Hip-Hop. The result, if anything, will be exciting.