John Pope

After Party,
Thursday 29th October 2015

John Pope likes to call his music “electronic textural maximalism,” and the Philippines-raised producer’s expansive soundscapes can be heard scoring two Cannes-certified shorts, Agos: The Manila Dream and Pasan. Originally inspired to pick up a guitar after hearing Green Day’s “American Idiot,” John Pope’s sound veered in an electronic direction after he became smitten with Justice’s “Genesis,” and decided to dabble with disco samples. Since then, his vibe has settled into an experimental zone where textures and atmospherics intermingle to addictive effect. He is also one of the founding members of Logiclub, a Metro Manila-based collective that started out as a group of friends trying to learn Logic, and has since evolved into a team of artists organizing workshops and live events all around the Philippines. Outside of John Pope, he also forms part of the indie pop band Never the Strangers, and spins deep house and techno (and produces lo-fi house) under the alias Arms Akimbo.