Joy Orbison

After Party,
Thursday 30th October 2014

If one name should stand out of London and England’s fascinating 5 years of post-dubstep, it could be Joy Orbison. Genius DJ from the age of 13, Peter O’Grady spent the 00’ absorbing the British electronic scenes, from UK garage to jungle through grime and dubstep, gestating them into a new genre. The result was christened post-dubstep when he released, in 2009, the now-cult 12-inch “Hyph Mngo” on Hotflush Recordings. Since then, Peter O’Grady AKA Joy Orbison has been spearheading the genre, with row upon row of 12” infused with the same sense of precision. Today, he is the head of the young label Hinge Finger, who used to orchestrate one of London’s hottest parties, Just For You. The one who once went as Joy O is back, stronger than ever.