Grande Halle de la Villette,
Saturday 1st November 2014—2014-10-27 23:05
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Follow the live stream of Jungle’s show on Culturebox.

The discreet web release of three singles by the Jungle entity created some buzz. And despite its anonymous state, Jungle has being one of the most novel excitements of 2013: a kind of superb neo-funk, half way between revival and evident freshness. But earlier this year the truth was revealed: Jungle is the studio-duo of long-time friends Josh and Tom, two producers from London with a certain taste for hipshaking, happy sounds, and exotic lands, from Miami to the South-American jungles. Their first album is a potent preparation of pure party potion, the soundtrack to a perfect summer on the beach. And record label-giant XL Recordings (Adele, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend…) made no mistake about that. To top it off, live performances turn the band into a 7-piece collective jumping around stage like a bouncy orchestra. You want a safe bet? Jungle will be 2014 surprise hit.