Opening Party,
Wednesday 29th October 2014

As opposed to Janelle Monáe or other Miguels whose music references the past, Kelela’s brand of R&B is resolutely modern. Washington-born Ethiopian Kelela Mizanekristos sung jazz in cafés and dabbled in indie-rock and progressive metal, until his path crossed that of Teengirl Fantasy, who introduced him to the cream of young electronic producers. His first mix tape “Cut 4 Me” was released at the end of last year, and is a concentrate of futuristic producing and mutant R&B, where cold urban landscapes blend with his soft and luscious chameleon voice. She created this little miracle of a release by entrusting its production to the top two electronic music labels of the moment, the sibling labels Night Slugs and Fade to Mind, who harbour such artists as Bok Bok, Nuguzunguzu, Kingdom, L-Vis 1990…