Opening Party,
Wednesday 29th October 2014

Back in 2011, when star producer (and half of Cassius) Philippe Zdar was busy working with the Rapture and Phoenix (on their album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” for which he received a Grammy Award), he claimed to be working with an unknown young Englishman of great talent. And early in 2012, we discovered Adam Bainbridge, AKA Kindness, and his first album “World, You Need a Change of Mind,” an explosion of funky tones set to limber our legs. This young man, who has also made videos for Grizzly Bear or his good friend Devonte Hynes/Blood Orange, will release his second album just before this year’s festival, an ambitious release filled with collaborations such as Devonte Hynes and Swedish pop diva Robyn, as well as Kelela, an artist also present at this year’s festival. His music is a blend of flamboyant funk and hyper-sensual R&B, and Bainbridge will be on stage this year to show us material from his second album.