After Party,
Friday 31st October 2014

If you were to throw away all of last year’s surprise underground hits, then the one to keep would be “BIPP” by the enigmatic Sophie. With this name and that excruciatingly high voice endlessly repeating “I can make you fell better if you let me,” we thought Sophie was your usual future female pop star. False. Sophie is a man, a London-based producer who has long been instrumental in fomenting an electronic pop revolution. His outrageous and fluorescent aesthetics blend heavy beats, part hip-hop, part trap, cheesy 90s dance synths, cut-up vocals, kawaii imagery… An unclassifiable pop 3.0 that has seduced the cutting edge of electronic producers (Sophie is signed on Numbers, the Scottish label who launched Rustie and Hudson Mohawke), as well as the fans of flamboyant and super-catchy earworm-pop. The Sophie revolution is coming, its your job to catch on. Your ears will not survive.