The Knife

Grande Halle de la Villette,
Thursday 31st October 2013

The biggest surprise of the first half of the year was the unexpected return of the Knife, after a 7 year absence. The brother/sister duo Karin and Olof Dreijer have influenced a whole generation of electro-pop bands, with their dangerous, shamanic ambiances, and their dedication to mystery, only equalled by our own Daft Punk. Despite an almost total lack of exposure since 2006’s Silent Shout (one solo album by Karin as Fever Ray, and one strange opera in homage to Darwin), their legend has not ceased to grow. Their triumphant, but still masked, return with Shaking the Habitual has magnified their strengths: dark, menacing, avant-garde, and ever in the clutches of trance states. Their preciously rare concerts are just as mind-blowing: a revolutionary show blending dance, music, outrageous theatre, forever setting new limits for live performances. More than a simple concert, a statement, an artistic declaration of faith.