The Notwist

Grande Halle de la Villette,
Thursday 30th October 2014—2014-10-27 19:40
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There is a German band whose absence makes us suffer: The Notwist. Amidst celebration of their 25-year career, the 4-piece band led by the Archer brothers has released “Close to the Glass”, a seventh album released six years after the last one. And of course, its quality makes up for the wait. Between melodious rock and avant-garde electronics, The Notwist’s music takes all the time in the world to hit the mark just right, a strategy that today’s all-now-all-the-time adepts would do well to study. Their unique balance of organic and synthetic sounds, whispers and shouts, pop and experimentation, has become an oft-copied hallmark of the four Bavarian musicians. Do not miss this years concert by a band well known for its scarce appearances.