The War On Drugs

Grande Halle de la Villette,
Thursday 30th October 2014—2014-10-15 20:30
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Without trying to make ripples on the seas of modern rock’n’roll, Philadelphia band The War On Drugs have calmly built themselves a solid base with a strong group of fans who have never left their side, even though their third album, “Lost in the Dream” released earlier this year, is more serene, the band’s fears seemingly conquered. But with or without the great Kurt Vile (who left after the first album to pursue his solo career), with or without the darkness of their melodies, The War On Drugs still writes grand songs and great albums. With richer orchestrations, varying and various atmospheres, with increased forays out of Country-Rock into something more synthetic and percussive, The War On Drugs has matured. It is high time to see what their metamorphosis looks like on stage.